How to connect the wireless router to the Internet

In the event of a power outage (or if you turn off the wireless router by mistake), it is necessary to reconnect the router to the internet. Please follow this instructions:

  1. Activate the WiFi on your mobile phone
  2. Go to Connections > WLAN > Grimminggarten
  3. A form from the provider HOT will appear. Please enter the password 1631 in the password field
  4. Click on “Verbindungseinstellungen”
  5. Click on the big “X” in the cloud
  6. The cloud shows a blue tick – Done!

If that doesn’t work, you can temporarily use this (weaker) WiFi from my partner apartment:
WiFi name: A1-393CC2DB
WiFi password: qurigamu3927
You can watch the video below with all steps of the description above.